Maud Rijken
Surrealism, nostalgia, vulnerability and strength play a big part in the images Maud Rijken creates. She's fascinated by the skin and shape of her objects. The plasticity that is shown playing with the light and shadow can transform a shape into something different and new.
Her work contains pictures as well as graphic work like silkscreen en photographic etches. Graphic techniques provide her with the opportunity to add an extra and new layer. A way to manipulate the images even more.

LM Co-Lab
Is the collaberation between artists Liesbeth Peters and Maud Rijken. They share a fascination for the innovative potential of traditional media such as screen printing, paper, textile and textile processing.
With their collaboration, Rijken and Peters are able to create a hybrid world in which tough experiment and sensitive association are interwoven. The delicate, complex tactility of the work refers to old textile traditions such as quilting, in which creators depicted universal human themes in various motifs such as birth, death, mourning or betrayal.
Strangely enough, the sight of spirited beings who have been transferred with so much attention to a carrier where they take on a new form and identity, has a liberating effect on the viewer.